Social Media

Powering your brand through Social Media and a Photo Booth

Guests love to interact with images, and will leave your event with wonderful professional grade photo booth prints, but when paired with social media sharing stations, your uniquely branded photos can extend your online business presence further into the social media universe. Let LA Pix Photo Booth partner with you and develop a social media solution for your next corporate event, party, or marketing campaign.

After guests take an image and exit the photo booth they can begin interacting with their images instantly displayed on an adjacent Ipad. Guests will be able to upload their photos from the social media sharing station directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or even email the photos directly to their email account. Additionally, all outgoing social links can be branded with composited graphics, logos, and company URLs. Lastly, an email database and can be generated and supplied to you after the event.

Watch your event go viral with the Social Media Station : Social sharing features

Facebook Direct to Wall

The iPad sharing station can be set up so guests can log into their profile and directly upload images to an event album on their personal page with a branded name of your choosing. Simultaneously a customized message would appear on your guest’s Facebook wall when the album posts.  Your event has just gone social.

Post to Twitter

Guests can Tweet their photos along with your custom message. Short, sweet, and branded. Pre-determine a Twitter message or let your guests choose their own when they upload.

Post to Instagram

Guests can also log into their own Instagram account and post their photo along with either a pre-determined branded message with hashtags or they can also post their own message.

Email Capturing

Guest’s email addresses can be collected and used for future marketing campaigns.

Social Media Station Functionality

Photos displayed on our Ipad stations and then directed to social media must utilize a strong venue wifi connection or use our mobile hotspot connection to connect to the Internet.

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